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Notice RE Payments & Fees

Fees for Childcare sessions booked must be paid for each week

If fees are not paid by their due date the service reserves the right to refuse the child.

We understand that children become unwell or may miss sessions for various other reasons (inc. Bank holidays) but to ensure the sustainability and smooth running of the service, we must take payment for all sessions that parents have booked.

For children attending part time/flexible full day care we request that parents agree a minimum booking on registration and pay for these days each week. Eg. 1 full day per week and the day may change weekly, 3 full days per week etc. We do try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs, change days weekly etc. but at times particular days

Make Your Little Bud, Our Little Bud

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Our Busy Buds Schedule

Time Table

Full Day Care / from 9:00am - 6:00pm

Children are welcomed into our full day care room from 8am where they can enjoy breakfast together before their pals join them in preschool. After a busy morning in preschool children can relax and unwind while waiting for their delicious dinner to be served.

During the afternoon children are engaged in many activities and have opportunities to play and rest when needed. Children will often take trips within the community, to the local hotel for a hot chocolate in the cold winter evenings or to the play parks to enjoy an ice cream on a sunny afternoon.

ECCE Preschool / from 9:00am - 12:00pm

Our ECCE Preschool programme will ensure your child is more than ready for the transition to ‘BIG SCHOOL’. Using the absolute best early childhood education techniques, our expert Early Years Educators will build on your child’s social and emotional development as well as ensuring their early literacy and numeracy skills are nurtured.

Children enjoy a play-based environment where they have access to endless fun activities including arts and crafts, drama, singing and dancing, sensory play, daily outdoor play.

Breakfast Club / 8.00am – 9.00am

Our Breakfast Club may be helpful for the busy and/or commuting parent.

Both pre-schoolers and school aged children are welcomed into our full day care rooms from 8am where they take the morning to relax and enjoy some breakfast before joining their little buds in preschool or school.

School Aged Childcare / 8am - 9.20am & 1.30pm - 6pm

Your child can join us for breakfast club before being taken to school by our dedicated School Aged childcare staff members.

On return from school they will be welcomed with a hot meal. Time is then set aside for homework in our study area. Children have access to our outdoor play and other fun activities such as Lego, art and crafts, baking, chill out zones and much much more. We regularly take walks and explore the many amenities in our town of Mullagh. These include trips to the local parks and lakes.

This option is not just limited to school days. We are there for you during school holidays days and midterms breaks subject to availability.

Click to see the most recent Department of Education and Skills inspection report – HERE

‘The quality of the context to support the children’s learning and development is excellent. An affirming, caring ethos is evident with a strong emphasis on building children’s confidence and developing their positive sense of identity as individuals and as learners. Respect for the uniqueness of each child is reflected consistently in the practitioners’ interactions with the children. The practitioners use their knowledge and understanding about what motivates each child to support the children’s decision-making and engagement in learning during the session. This was evident in the selection of choices that the practitioners used with some children who were unsure of where or who they might play with.’

‘The quality of management and leadership for learning is excellent. The owner/manager has been successful in expanding the service and in cultivating a shared understanding and vision among the practitioners about the key priorities and practices that are central to ensuring a high quality provision for children. She has been proactive in identifying improvement priorities and implementing changes in practice to support the realisation of the vision. The implementation of child-centred, play-rich learning approaches in accordance with the principals of Aistear are examples of these initiatives. A very strong ethos of professionalism exists among the staff of this setting who demonstrate great teamwork and capacity for professional dialogue and reflection. There are regular team meetings and staff articulate clearly their rationale for and the impact of the various strategies that they use as part of their work in this setting. Their commitment to maximising the learning for all children and in particular for children with additional needs is evident.’

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